We have reserved cark park slots for you, at the nearby private parking lot.

No more endless hunts for parking bays in busy Sharjah. Just mention the name of the salon while you come in to park the car and show the salon bill at the time of leaving the parking bay. No payment needed.


Ask our staff for more details.


With all these amazing facilities and customer privileges we provide, one would imagine to be paying a hefty price for the services we offer. Well… how does Dhs 20 for a super-sharp haircut and Dhs 15 for a world-class shave sound? Yes. That’s right! When it comes to absolute bang-for-your-money, it doesn’t get better than us!


Our customers are at the heart of everything we do and we are eternally grateful for their continued patronage. As a result, we tap into all possible opportunities to delight our beloved customers each time. That’s why, despite the very modest prices we charge for our services, we also offer a LOYALTY POINTS program to reward them. Simply put – it’s our way of saying “Thank you”


Earn loyalty points for every Dirham you spend with us. Each point earned has a value of Dhs 1. Redeem these loyalty points against services, later.


Refer your friend to our salon earn enough points to get a Haircut absolutely FREE!


Wish to earn more cash back points from your credit cards? Don’t like to bother with carrying cash or a wallet? Prefer payment modes like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay?


We accept all kinds of credit cards and technology services like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.



There are a several core values we proudly uphold. Perhaps the most important among them, is the unwavering attention we pay to maintain exceptional hygiene standards. Be it the simple fact like our policy to use ONLY single-use disposable hair wash towels at our salon, or the carefully chosen unique practices we follow, or the high standards of cleaning we maintain, or the emphasis we impose on constantly training our crew on personal hygiene, or even the demonstrable high standards of house-keeping we follow - you will always find countless compelling evidence around you that instills a silent sense of confidence and strong sense of deep satisfaction, each time you visit.


Our staff are able to communicate fluently in Malayalam & Hindi and reasonably in English & Arabic



As with everything else we do, the products we use do not get to our inventory without proving itself to be of very high quality. Our partnerships with reputed suppliers ensures we are able to maintain consistency.


Have you ever wished for transparent queue management at your favorite salon? Don’t fancy waiting at the salon for your turn? Wish to spend the waiting time at the comforts of your home with your loved ones? Or get those chores done while you wait for your turn?


All these are possible with us! We manage our customer queue using an advanced software that is online and can be accessed from your phone! No need to download any app! Just follow these steps:

  1. Call us to get on the queue OR check-in online through the web link
  2. We will automatically send you an sms containing a web-link.
  3. Click on the web-link to get your live wait-time.
  4. Proceed to the salon to reach 5-10mintues before your turn arrives.